Organic Yerba Mate

We strive for the BEST QUALITY, FAIR TRADE and ORGANICALLY Grown ingredients

Gluten Free-Vegan-No preservatives

Artisanal Blends, Crafted with herbs, spices & flowers



Yerba Mate

Is a species of the holly family (Aquifoliaceae).

The botanical name is ilex paraguariensis.

A native plant from the subtropical forest

in South America: Argentina, Brazil & Paraguay.

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Drinking yerba mate in a traditional way it’s a RITUAL,

 the ritual of sharing, the connection among friends and  family along with great conversation. 

Or as well to connect with yourself and your thinking with the great company of a mate.

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Different ways to enjoy yerba mate



The traditional  way to enjoy mate

The RITUAL of sharing

Water: Hot, around 160 F

Gear: mate cup & straw

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The traditional way to enjoy mate

The RITUAL of sharing

Water: iced

Gear: mate cup & straw


Favorite for the summer

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Mate tea

To enjoy in a tea cup

Either hot or iced

Gear: french press or tea infuser


customer's reviews

Perfect combination, It's an amazing blend of fresh dried ginger and yerba mate..It's uplifting and energizing. It's great! Love it and would definitely buy it again.  

Maria Amelia. Amazing blend! Ginger Mate Cocido

Just discover Matearyerbamate at Pembroke Pines farmers market. I have been drinking mate since college, long ago. The yerba mate I used to buy it from Publix supermarket. Not any longer, I will be buying my mate from Matear. Great products and Veronica and Paola are great! I Recommended them highly. 

Federico F .Mate lover

My favorite drink after a hard training session is always a ice cold Matear yerba mate. My favorite drink at night after good dinner is always a hot brewed cup of Matear. Love what you are doing, never stop brewing. 

Mark Fernandez. Iced mate is my recharge.

I'm a big fan of ginger and how it eases an upset stomach and aids in digestion.. also great when you have motion sickness... so it is very comforting I can have a warm delicious blend of mate and ginger when I take the windy road to the beach! 

Derek. Ginger mate

Definitivamente el lugar mas bonito, con las personas mas lindas en Miami en donde encontrar la mejor y mas rica yerba mate, ademas ORGANIC!!! Por fin encontre el mejor sitio para tomar mi mate!!! Bien hecho chicas.

Iliana Sadovnik

I been drinking mate for years and this is definitely the best one out there. 

I also organic which is not easy to find and they have amazing flavors infused ones for cold brews. So happy to found them! 

Rou M

I purchased the Palo Santo straw at the Coconut Grove farmers market and I tried my mate with it. The flavor changes a little bit, but it is delicious. Thank you also for the friendly customer service. Good luck! 

Haydee Gonzalez. Delicious flavor

Thank you!! we met at the yellow green farmers market. 

I love my bottle infuser!


I have not been disappointed with any blend. I have tried this being my favorite. Perfect to power trough long days at the office. I´m completely off coffee! Thank you for this amazing product.

PaolaP. Addictive! Lemongrass


Yellow Green Farmer's Market

1940 N 30th Rd. 

Parking entrance: 

3080 Sheridan Street
Hollywood, FL 33021

Booth # 170 Indoors

Tel: (+1) 305-910-2245

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