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Argentina Soccer Mate Gourd & stainless steel bombilla | Messi 10 & Tri campeon!!| glass mate wrap in leather | Laser engraved | 2 Designs


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The set includes:
Genuine leather Mate cup with visible seam made by hand
glass interior
Yerba mate Load about 1 oz 
measure: 4 in High x 2.60 in top Diameter (inside wall)
Stainless steel straw 7 1/2 inches long
GLASS: special glass, hold hot beverages
maximun temperature 165 F
Laser engraved in leather  mate cup & stainless bombilla
Messi frase & tri champion soccer world cup Argentina
leather light blue & white, you have to choose which color on front. 

El Set incluye:
Mate de vidrio  cubierto en cuero genuino cosido a mano con costura a la vista
El mate carga aproximadamente 29 gr
bombilla de acero inoxidable 19 cm de largo
vidrio especial para bebidas calientes,
temperatura maxima de 75 C