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How to cure a mate cup

How to cure

a wood mate cup or gourd 


Option 1:  Preferably for gourd mate

1. With your finger or a cotton ball add sunflower oil or coconut oil into the gourd. 

2. Spread all around it. 

3. Leave the gourd overnight 

4. In the morning, add milk ( or warm water) to the gourd, shake it and throw it away 

5. Clean inside with warm water 

6. Let the gourd dry with fresh air 

7. Ready to use!

Option 2: Preferably for wood mates

1. Pour some yerba mate into the gourd 

2. Add water 

3. Leave the gourd with the yerba mate for one or two days

4. Clean inside with warm water 

5. Let the gourd dry and is ready to use!