About Us

We  bring people closer to the yerba mate, our heritage and cultural tradition that comes from ancient times like native american ( the guaranies) used to drink it in South America. 

"Matear is part of our roots, this is our passion"

Matear started at our backyard's garden in Miami, Florida. Sometime in 2015.

Crafting mate with herbs, spices & flowers. 

Now, we put love and passion in every handcrafted blend for you to enjoy. 

Matear, our heritage the ritual of sharing, with friends and family, to share, to connect.


The real Story behind Matear Yerba Mate: version in Spanish and English. 

Passion and roots,


Paola and Veronica founders of Matear.

Picture of our First pop-up Miami Flea - Arts and Entertainment District (AedistrictMiami).