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Mate Porongo gourd WITH STAND and bombilla


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Selected Gourd Porongo Style
with aluminium ring
and with metal stand
Includes stainless steel bombilla
color and shapes could vary,
there is not 2 gourds exactly the same,
so these guidelines for size are not accurate, close to real size
Large:  12 inches circumference
About 5 inches high (stand included)
straw 7.5 in long

Calabazas seleccionadas con aro de aluminio. Incluye bombilla de acero inoxidable
color y tamaño puede variar,
no hay 2 calabazas exactamente iguales,
estas medidas son de referencia pero no son exactas
Medium:11 inches circunferencia / 3.5 inches de altura
bombilla 7.5 inches de largo