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Matera Bag Faux Capybara leather- Take your mate on the go (simil carpincho)


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Take your mate gourd, bombilla, thermo & yerba mate on the go.
Made in Argentina, Matera bag Faux Capybara leather & guarda pampa.
(simil carpincho)
Matera bag ONLY $75
Whole mate SET: Matera bag, thermo, 1 LB Organic Yerba Mate & glass mate gourd and bombilla $120
Combinations: Black Matera + Black Thermo
Dark Brown Matera + Green Thermo
Light Brown Matera + Silver Thermo
Feel free to message us for changes.
Lleva tu equipo de mate a donde vayas!
Hecho en Argentina, matera vegana simil carpincho y guarda pampa